The Continent’s Most Influential Technology Event

We believe connecting is always the answer.

Our Why

We believe connecting is always the answer… a ping, a handshake, a smile, a phone call.True sustainable, impact for good is only possible when the entire technology ecosystem joins forces; the technicians trialing in labs, the analyst pier reviewing the papers, regulators championing innovation, leaders adding for more seats at the table to harness diversity of thought.

How we do it

We bring the digital ecosystem together. We host the debates which will define societies relationship with technology, we host cutting edge technology demos that will redraw the boundaries of possibility. We introduce investors to startups to fuel innovation and grow ideas that will change the world. We guide governments in the transition from physical to digital.

What we do

Throughout the remainder of 2021 we will hosting monthly virtual conference sessions, each focussing on a different topic driving digital development in Africa. In September our flagship virtual conference will take place online. While we can’t meet physically, you can rely on MWC Africa to bring the continents best innovation to your doorstep. Each step in this journey brings us closer to the launch of MWC Africa 2022, where the whole ecosystem will be physically come together for the first time in over two years. Join us online as we journey to MWC Africa 2022!