Explore our event themes on the virtual journey to MWC Africa 2022

MWC Africa convenes the tech ecosystem from across the continent to debate and discuss the most critical topics of our time


The mobile industry in Sub-Saharan Africa has largely risen to the challenge of keeping individuals and businesses connected during the pandemic. Digital growth has been underpinned by strong, informed leadership and partnerships where, despite the global crisis, mobile has continued to lead climate action and enhance millions of lives through the delivery services in areas of healthcare, AgriTech and commerce.

This theme welcomes leaders from across the ecosystem to outline their vision and to explore the next steps in the region’s transformative agenda.


We believe in the power of a connected world. With nearly half the world’s population connected to mobile, the challenge of bringing more people online and using the services available is too large and too important for any one company, group, or government to solve alone. Coverage is growing fast but for many that have access, usage is still a challenge. Why is this?

This theme welcomes partners to come together to discuss solutions and explore lessons learnt during the pandemic.


Over the past 15 years, the success of M-Pesa has been a catalyst for major improvements in technology and connectivity across the region. COVID-19 accelerated this further leading to a significant increase of smart devices being used for online financial services. The opportunity for banking transformation has never been greater and in this unprecedented period of change, collaboration remains key.

This theme will explore the latest innovations and discuss opportunities for new partnerships and leveraging emerging technologies.


With early-stage entrepreneurial activity higher than the global average, Africa are in a strong position to encourage the growth and facilitate the success of new start-ups in the region. With the collaboration of governments and investors from around the world, entrepreneurs are in the perfect environment to drive progress; transforming the continent and lead the way with innovation.

This theme will highlight some of these technologies and how they will aid Africa in becoming a global leader in innovation.